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AOD Events

Tubman(x2) Symposium — October 8th & 9th

Symposium Schedule


8:00 Sophie Styant-Browne

8:45 Mallih Ataee

9:30 AOD Sales Showcase

10:00 Debbie Evans

10:45 Arena Drag

11:00 Addie Burris

11:45 Olivia Martz

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Anna Graves

2:00 AOD Sales Showcase

2:15 Nicol Hinde

3:00 AOD Sales Showcase

3:15 Mallih Ataee

4:00 Drag

4:15 Amanda Olson

5:00 Lisa Hayes

5:45 Aaron Janicki

6:30 Wine & Cheese


8:00 Sophie Styant-Browne

8:45 Mallih Ataee

9:30 AOD Sales Showcase

10:00 Olivia Martz

10:45 Arena Drag

11:00 Debbie Evans

11:45 Anna Graves

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Nicol Hinde

2:00 AOD Sales Showcase

2:15 Mallih Ataee

3:00 Amanda Olson

3:45 Arena Drag

4:00 Lisa Hayes

4:45 Aaron Janicki

Already sinking into a post show season slump? Come kickstart your winter training with us as we welcome our favorite dynamic duo for a two day symposium! This will be an educational experience like no other; while riders receive top notch instruction from Pan American gold medalist Sarah Lockman Tubman, auditors will be treated to commentary from 4* judge Lee Tubman. High quality horses, world-class instruction, and a judge's real time input make this an incredible auditing opportunity for dressage riders of all levels. It's our hope that everyone who attends will be able to shake off their end of summer blues and tap into the power of the highly specialized and detail-oriented training process that makes the Lockman-Tubman team up such a resounding success.

Of course, we love to find the balance between education and fun at High Hill Farm, so we'll also be hosting an evening event—hello, wine and cheese plates! There will be a sales horse presentation and a Grand Prix demonstration from Sarah. Our sponsor, The Cottage Equine Dressage Boutique, will have some super shopping opportunities set up during the symposium, and we've got a variety of raffles and door prizes in the works. You very well could walk in as an auditor and walk out as the winner of something super sleek and shiny...

On top of all of that, we're also having a gift basket auction, with all of the proceeds going to the Whidbey Equestrian Center! After everything Helen and Mari have done to support the sport of dressage in the Pacific Northwest, it's time for us to give back! We've sent out a challenge to local dressage barns to bring their best and really get creative with their baskets. Auditors and participants will have the chance to bid on baskets and take home some truly high value prizes—and all for the sake of supporting one of our most cherished Region 6 show venues!

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